Mead, virtual blueberries, and pollinators

Thoughts on the benefits of a diverse diet for humans and pollinators alike

diverse diet

A diverse diet isn’t just important for human nutrition, but for other species as well. The vast majority of animal species are at their best when they eat a variety of species. And keeping some animal species in peak health is essential for human health and welfare…like pollinators, for instance.

Bees bring diversity to your diet Bees need diversity in their diet

A great number of our favourite fruits and vegetables require animal pollinators, especially bees, leaving us with startling images of what the grocery store would like if we lost all the animal-pollinated species. Not good!

Your food choices are more diverse with bees. From Your food choices are more diverse with bees. Help them help you! From

So what should you do? Managed bees and crops depend on the general state of the environment. Ergo, what you do on your property does, in some small part, matter to our food supply. You can provide a wealth of good pollinator native food sources in your…

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